Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Over time, ventilation systems may require refurbishment to ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and compliance with the latest standards. This article will explore the concept of ventilation refurbishment, its benefits, and the services provided by BVS (Best Ventilation Solutions).

Building Ventilation solutions are some of the industry’s most experienced ventilation engineers. The company has extensive knowledge of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry, offering the experience to design, install, modify, or refurbish ventilation and air handling systems.

Ventilation refurbishment involves the restoration, upgrading, and modification of existing ventilation systems to enhance their functionality, energy efficiency, and lifespan. It is a cost-effective alternative to complete system replacement, offering significant benefits while improving indoor air quality and comfort.

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BVS: Comprehensive Ventilation Refurbishment Solutions

Regarding ventilation refurbishment, BVS provides a wide range of services to meet diverse needs. Some of the key offerings by BVS include:

  • Air-Handling Units (AHUs) Refurbishments: BVS provides AHU refurbishments as an economical alternative to complete replacements, resulting in substantial capital cost savings of up to 80%. By refurbishing AHUs, BVS ensures your ventilation system operates at its best without compromising performance or efficiency.
  • Retro-fitting Energy-Saving Upgrades: BVS incorporates the latest component technologies and control systems to optimise energy efficiency. By retro-fitting energy-saving upgrades to AHUs and ventilation systems, BVS helps minimise energy consumption and reduce operational costs while maintaining optimal ventilation performance.
  • AHU and Ventilation System Modification: BVS offers comprehensive modification services to enhance system functionality. This includes upgrading filtration systems to improve air quality, replacing coils for better heat transfer efficiency, and upgrading gas burners for improved combustion control. These modifications ensure your ventilation system meets the latest standards, delivers improved performance, and operates reliably.
  • Market Knowledge and Experience: With extensive knowledge and experience in the AHU and ventilation marketplace, BVS can compare different solutions and provide the most economical and suitable options for each project.

Benefits of Ventilation Refurbishment

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Refurbishing ventilation systems enhance air filtration and reduce airborne contaminants, creating a healthier indoor environment.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Energy-saving upgrades and modifications reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.
  • Extended Lifespan: Refurbishment extends the lifespan of ventilation systems, reducing the need for premature replacements and saving costs in the long run.
  • Cost Savings: Choosing refurbishment over complete system replacement significantly reduces capital expenses, providing substantial savings of up to 80%.
  • The Greenest Solution: Refurbishing ventilation systems allow for reusing and upgrading existing components, reducing the need for manufacturing new equipment. 
  • Review a potentially out-of-date system or technology: This allows designers to review the current ventilation system and look for any potential changes which require amendments.


Ventilation refurbishment is a cost-effective solution that improves existing ventilation systems’ performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. BVS offers comprehensive services, including AHU refurbishments, energy-saving upgrades, system modifications, troubleshooting and technical surveys, planned maintenance, market knowledge and experience, and COVID ventilation risk assessments. 

Remember, consulting with professionals like BVS to assess your specific ventilation refurbishment needs and receive tailored solutions for your facility is essential. Contact BVS today to explore how ventilation refurbishment can benefit your space and improve the indoor environment.

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