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Additional specialist business units including controls, attenuation, specialist ductwork and refrigeration, collectively.


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Bespoke Solutions For Any Enviroment.

With a legacy of over 40 years in designing, manufacturing, and installing customised AHUs (air handling units), we take pride in delivering tailored solutions to suit your unique location, environmental conditions, and performance requirements. Our expertise lies in creating the most cost-effective and energy-efficient air handling units, ensuring seamless integration into even the most challenging commercial and industrial settings. Committed to pushing the boundaries of capability, design, and performance, we provide bespoke AHUs that meet the most rigorous industry standards while maintaining exceptional efficiency.

Air-Handling Unit Manufacturing Specialists.

We are a team of expeirenced HVAC professionals & designers with over 40 years of knowledge & experience in the AHU industry. Using this in-depth knowledge we can assist you in Air-Handling Unit Manufacturing. We create advanced systems that efficiently handle and distribute air within various environments, such as buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial spaces. These units are designed to provide optimal air quality, temperature control, and ventilation to meet specific requirements.

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Air-Handling Unit Manufacturing Brochure

Our brochure includes information and details on the wide range of benefits and how our expert team of HVAC engineers can guide you through the process of Air-Handling Unit Manufacturing.

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Air-Handling Unit Manufacturing FAQs

What is a bespoke AHU, and how does it differ from standard AHUs?

A bespoke AHU is a customised air handling unit designed to meet specific project requirements. It differs from standard AHUs by offering tailored solutions for unique HVAC needs.

What are the advantages of choosing a bespoke AHU over a standard one?

Bespoke AHUs offer advantages such as precise fit for project requirements, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced control over features like filtration and heat recovery.

Can you provide examples of customisation options for bespoke AHUs?

Customisation options can include size, capacity, airflow rates, filtration types, heat recovery methods, controls, and materials to suit the project’s demands.

How do you handle warranty and post-installation service for bespoke AHUs?

We offer warranties on our bespoke AHUs and provide post-installation service to address any issues or maintenance needs to ensure customer satisfaction.

What is the typical lead time for manufacturing a bespoke AHU?

Lead times can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the extent of customization required. We provide estimated lead times during the project consultation phase.

Do you provide ongoing technical support for bespoke AHUs after installation?

Yes, we offer technical support, maintenance guidance, and training for maintenance personnel to ensure the continued performance of our bespoke AHUs.


Delve into the stories of our past ventures, ranging from small air-handling unit manufacturing to large-scale commercial projects. Witness firsthand how we have tackled diverse challenges, delivering exceptional results and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our case studies not only showcase our expertise but also highlight the value we bring to every job. Whether you require HVAC installations, repairs, or maintenance, our extensive portfolio will demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Don’t just take our word for it—explore our case studies and discover the outstanding quality of our services.

BVS worker repairing an airduct on a ventilation system

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Please complete the form with some basic details and we will get back to you with more information. Alternatively please give us a call on the number below or pop in for a chat.

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