A large Air-handling Unit placed inside of a boiler room

Understanding Air Volume Calculation for Optimal Indoor Air Quality

Calculating the appropriate air volume is crucial for maintaining optimal indoor air quality. Proper ventilation ensures the removal of pollutants and replenishes the space with fresh air, contributing to a healthy and comfortable… 

A ceiling decorated with a messy ventilation system and loose cables

Understanding Humidity Calculation for Optimal Indoor Conditions

Maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial for indoor comfort and various applications. During the winter months, heating air with low moisture content can cause dryness, making it…

A newly installed, grey air-handling unit in a boiler room with a yellow warning sticker printed at the bottom.

Understanding Cooling & Heating Loads

When considering cooling loads, a general guideline is to allocate 120 – 160 watts per square meter, taking into account factors such as solar gain, people, and lighting. Alternatively, you can estimate the cooling requirement at 1 kilowatt per occupant…

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